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Don't Get Stuck in Transition

A transition is an opportunity. It's much more than just a change; it's a purpose-driven shift that often involves a gradual process of growth. Unlike mere habit formation or deliberate shifts, transitions can be more profound, leading us to outgrow developmental phases, shift focus, and redefine or sharpen values. Below is a summary of my podcast on this subject and episode is linked in comments.

Transitions Are a Different Form of Change

  • Changes can be deliberate, like altering your diet or cutting back on alcohol.

  • The challenge is not in contemplating if it's good for you but in figuring out if you're up for it.

  • Transitions are fundamentally different than change – often not asked for but pulled into by circumstance, longing or the quiet but persistent inner voice.

Transitions Are Often Painful but Useful

  • Life's seasons involve gradual or sudden transitions.

  • Outgrowing phases or grief and loss of varying sorts require shifting focus, refining values, or redirecting course of life.

The Key Player: Purpose

  • Thoughtful change, especially during transitions, relies on a clear purpose.

  • Transitions are tough, uncomfortable, with a prolonged period of uncertainty put punches through in time to a better place.

Embrace Uncertainty & Discomfort

  • Transition's discomfort is a quiet place that requires bravery and attention.

  • Signs may include lack of motivation, restlessness, irritability, or discontent.

  • Lack of clarity is common, necessitating a pause to listen and sometimes a willingness to hurt.

Stay Attentive

  • Resist the urge to numb or distract yourself from the discomfort of transition.

  • Avoid impulsive decisions and quick fixes during the idle period.

  • Patience is key, as rushing past it might stall or end the opportunity for change and growth.

Learn from Discomfort

  • Be still, be present, and be open.

  • Listen to whispers and nudges during uncomfortable periods in life.

  • Discomfort is an opportunity for self-reflection and transformation.

Nature of Transition

  • Being paused doesn't mean you're stuck; it's a chance to learn.

  • Dramatic shifts like job changes, loss or relocations, or subtler adjustments within oneself or a situation can initiate a transition.

Be Honest About Your Choices

  • Make choices aligned with values and integrity, even though they’re not often the easiest.

  • Authenticity becomes crucial as we age, and discomfort is a chance for positive change setting us up for deeper understandings.

  • Transitions bring about purpose, meaning and wisdom if navigated wisely.

Embrace transitions. They may be tough, but they lead to new beginnings—a better version of yourself which has a positive impact on everyone around you.



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