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Syl Bus

Your Host, Sylvia Flanagan, MA, LMFT

Kick Starts dives into the complexities of living, explores strategies for personal growth, and emphasizes the significance of a purpose-driven life. It's more than a platform; it's a sanctuary for those seeking thoughtful discussions, introspective insights, motivational principles and practical tools for behavioral change.

I’m both a seasoned psychotherapist of more than 20 years and a motivational and behavioral coach bringing a wealth of knowledge and life experience aimed at inspiring positive change and fostering meaningful connections. When not working I find solace in the serenity of my 75-acre homestead in the Ozarks.


My professional journey has been shaped by working with and witnessing the complexity and resilience of the human spirit, and my personal life has been marked by challenges, including the loss of my spouse in my mid-40s. This experience deepened my understanding of transformation through struggle and the regenerative power of meaning and purpose. 


Expect concise and practical episodes, interviews, and reflections on navigating life's dips and twists with resilience and tenacity. Whether you're seeking tips for personal development, practical coaching strategies or insights geared towards understanding and strengthening relationships, I think you’ll find my episodes valuable.


You got this!

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